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07 March 2024


Supporting Rare Disease Day, 2024

Celebrated on 29 February 2024, the rarest day of the year, Rare Disease Day unites the global rare disease community to address challenges and promote equity in healthcare, diagnosis, and treatment accessibility. It's a day to come together to share knowledge and support, aiming t...

10 November 2023


Medicine Safety Week 2023: Our Commitment to Patient Safety

Medicines regulators depend on the reporting of adverse drug reactions (ADRs) to ensure the safety of medicines. Unfortunately, however, all reporting systems suffer from underreporting, which may limit regulators’ ability to comprehensively assess medication safety on an ongoing basis. During Medicines Safety Week, medicine regulators and healthcare authorities from across the globe join ...

26 September 2023


World Contraception Day 2023: Ensuring Access to a Wide Range of Contraception Choices

Today, we celebrate World Contraception Day (WCD) and recognise the significance of contraceptive medicine, empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their reproductive well-being. This day serves as a reminder of the importance of safe, easily accessible, and effective contraception, contributing to improved health and life satisfaction. The theme this year, 'The Power of...

25 September 2023


Celebrating World Pharmacists Day 2023: A Day in the Life of Our Pharmacists

Today is World Pharmacists Day (WPD) when we celebrate pharmacists' work and positive impact on the health system. Celebrating WPD is important to us as it goes all the way back to our roots – decades ago, as a community pharmacy. It is an event that gives us the opportunity to recogn...

17 September 2023


World Patient Safety Day 2023: Our Pledge to Amplifying Patients' Voices

Today is World Patient Safety Day (WPSD). WPSD was established in 2019 by the 72nd World Health Assembly through the adoption of resolution WHA72.6, entitled "Global Action on Patient Safety". WPSD is about raising awareness of the importance of patient engagement. It also aims to educate, increase awareness and ultimately, help reduce pa...

13 September 2023


The Role of Real World Data and Evidence in Early Access Programs: Insights from an EMA Workshop

During the summer, Smartway’s EAP team participated in an EMA workshop about the opportunities and challenges of using Real World Data (RWD) and Real World Evidence (RWE) in regulatory processes. The workshop, conducted by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), a body dedicated to driving excellence in evaluating and supervising medicines for public health in the European Union (EU), was ...

10 August 2023


Marius Pharmaceuticals Partners with Smartway to Design and Manage the global Early Access Program for KYZATREX™ (testosterone undecanoate)

Marius Pharmaceuticals (Marius) and Smartway Pharmaceuticals (Smartway) are pleased to announce their strategic partnership, aimed at addressing the pressing global issue of hypogonadism through the launch of a comprehensive Early Access Program for KYZATREX™ (testosterone undecanoate). Hypogonadism, a prevalent medical condition affecting millions of men worldwide, is characterized by low testosterone levels, which can lead to a range o...

03 May 2023


Smartway Pharmaceuticals and Ambrose Healthcare Agree Early Access Programs for Treatment of Rare Diseases

Ambrose Healthcare and Smartway Pharmaceuticals have signed an agreement for the provision of international Early Access Programs for Ambrose products. About Ambrose Healthcare  Ambrose Healthcare is a specialist pharmaceutical company with ambitious plans to address unmet medical needs in rare disease. The company will provide treatments for use in hospitals or specialist care environments. The US National Institutes of Heal...

08 February 2023


Supporting the Türkiye-Syria earthquake relief effort

On Monday, 6th February 2023 at 4:17 am local time, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck southern Türkiye near the city of Gaziantep, devastating parts of Türkiye and Syria. It was followed by a series of powerful aftershocks affecting the region with devasting impacts. Later at 13:24 local time, a further earthquake with a magnitude of 7.5 ...

16 November 2022


How our Aid Dev team supplies medicine to Ukraine

At Smartway, we’re recognised for our commitment to quality and our passion for giving help wherever it is needed the most. Nowhere are the needs of patients more complex than in the work of our specialist Aid and Development team, which has been a leading supplier to the Aid and Development s...

06 October 2022


Why medicine shortages occur and what we do to make sure patients get access to the medicines they need

When shortages of medicines occur, there is a direct impact on the welfare of those patients who are without access. Shortages of medicines happen on a global level - the causes of a shortage in India, can cause a shortage in the UK. Numerous incidents of shortages have been reported in the media in...

07 April 2022


Supporting a Healthier Planet this World Health Day

Recognising World Health Day 2022, the World Health Organization is launching a campaign that is incredibly relevant as we continue to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. ‘Our Planet, Our Health’ addresses the uniquely global challenge of protecting the planet in order to protect each other. In the words of the WHO, ‘the climate crisis i...

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