At Smartway, we’re recognised for our commitment to quality and our passion for giving help wherever it is needed the most. Nowhere are the needs of patients more complex than in the work of our specialist Aid and Development team, which has been a leading supplier to the Aid and Development sector, since 2002.

In the past 20 years, we’ve been working closely with charities, NGOs, governments and multi-lateral organisations all around the world, providing pharmaceuticals, medical supplies such as emergency and bespoke kits, wherever they’re needed. Because of our sector-specific experience, we’re trusted to provide end-to-end solutions in Africa, the Middle East and beyond, helping to ensure patients get the treatment they need even in more challenging circumstances. 

In the recent months, our work has been focusing on developing the partnerships with major international NGOs with whom we have been working with on the humanitarian aspects of the crisis in Ukraine. With our support, we have been able to empower access to the medicines and supplies they need for their important work in the aid and development space.

From sourcing to complex logistics

When our NGO partners needed pharmaceuticals and medical supplies urgently, they turned to us for a responsive, proactive and safe approach.

Amid the crisis, Ukraine has faced significant shortages of key medicines and medical equipment. Beyond supply issues, Aid and Development organisations in the region also faced complex logistical challenges, driven by a shortage of drivers and a transport infrastructure which has been under significant pressure.

Using our extensive supply network across the EU, USA, UK and India, we are able to address these shortages while maintaining the best value and a fast timeline. On one occasion, we developed a customised and sophisticated logistical plan with consolidated shipments from India, Ireland and the UK to meet the specific challenges faced by the NGO.

This global approach to logistics enables us to meet the needs of NGOs, while also saving time, money and carbon. Even in this challenging circumstance, our commitment to quality and reliability remains high.

Providing specialist compliance expertise 

Our Aid and Development division is also able to leverage the vast regulatory knowledge from across Smartway.

Shipping products to an active conflict zone comes with unique and changing requirements, beyond just the Ukrainian import rules that are already in place. Our team is able to handle these changing regulatory requirements on behalf of the NGOs, ensuring compliance while reducing the risk of delays.

As a result, the NGOs were able to get the vital medicines and pharmaceuticals they require, while focusing on their important on-the-groundwork in Ukraine.

A supply chain built for resilience and speed

What makes Smartway uniquely able to respond to evolving challenges in the Aid and Development sector is our continued investment in quality, particularly in our resilient supply chain and global presence. 

Everything we do at Smartway is about building our global reach and preparing for the most complex challenges. Our approved supplier network and global distribution hubs mean we can provide the Aid Dev sector with timely, effective support, anywhere. It’s an end-to-end solution

Robert Donnell – EVP Medicines Access 

We operate strategic supply hubs in the EU, UK, USA, UAE and India, distributing medicines to over 98 countries. In the past five years, we’ve distributed over five million packs of medication worldwide.

Wherever and whenever our customers and their patients need us, we’re ready to respond and help to empower access to medicines.

Contact our Aid Dev team so we can work with you to resolve complex challenges and continue helping patients worldwide.