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Sexual Health Supply

Smartway Sexual Health is a leading distributor of contraceptive medicines and disposable instruments.

Combining 23 years of experience with the infrastructure, scale and reach of Smartway, we’ll help you find the supplies you need with a seamless experience from first steps to arrival. So, you can focus on delivering exceptional care with confidence that you’re supported by the specialists in sexual health supply.

Smartway Sexual Health is the NHS go to provider for all things women’s health related.

By offering the complete range of oral contraceptives – both branded and generic – as well as many of the leading IUCDs and IUSs, we can offer both competitive pricing and excellent customer service.

Why partner with Smartway?

Approved supplier

100% coverage of UK & Irish market.

Approved NHS supplier.

Project management

Designated account managers will ensure all projects pulled through to completion.

Regulatory expertise/ knowledge

Regulatory expertise throughout the company, 10% of staff in regulatory. Leaders in technology to drive quality.

Quality is our priority

Focused on providing the latest advances in Sexual Health and contraceptive needs for both the provider and end user.

Proven experienced team

A proven team with extensive knowledge and experience within the field of Sexual Health.

How can we help?

Committed to you

Our Sexual Health team’s commitment to the customer allows us to authorise and approve new account applications within 24 hours. Often, this means goods can be dispatched the same day the account was set up. But we know great customer service is about more than speed. That’s why we go further to safeguard quality in everything we do, from the in-build controls of Smartway’s distribution infrastructure to clear, constant communication.

We also have strong links into manufacturing and sourcing, so we can help identify new products and cost-saving alternatives.

Bespoke Kits

Smartway can provide over 500 specifically designed kits to support the needs of your business. From medicines to disposable instruments, we’ll source, store and distribute any collaboration based on your individual requirements.

Over labelling

Our in-house over labelling department is there to support you through each stage of the process from label design to the finished product. We’ll take full responsibility of sourcing, designing and packing your product. In addition, our new state-of-the-art labelling machine is capable of delivering small bespoke quantities or scaling up to thousands of units per day.

  • Free label design
  • Next day delivery
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Competitive pricing
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Breakdown of medicine for waste reduction

Often, the NHS or private providers find that the required dose of a drug is less than the manufactured package. For example, tablets may come in a pack of 14, but only two tablets are required. This leads to waste and unnecessary costs.

We’ve partnered with the NHS to ensure this waste doesn’t continue. We can break down current medicines (subject to regulations) and repackage them in a more suitable form for the end user, significantly reducing waste.

Third-party logistics

With a UK head office and further hubs within Ireland, Kosovo, India, and Dubai, Smartway is the go-to partner for all your third-party logistical needs. We can offer a bespoke service to suit the ever-changing needs of your business.

  • Storage
  • Distribution
  • Pick and packing
  • Administrative support

Meet the Team

Giles Holford

Head of Sexual Health

Miral Patel

Regulatory Lead

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