Marius Pharmaceuticals (Marius) and Smartway Pharmaceuticals (Smartway) are pleased to announce their strategic partnership, aimed at addressing the pressing global issue of hypogonadism through the launch of a comprehensive Early Access Program for KYZATREX™ (testosterone undecanoate).

Hypogonadism, a prevalent medical condition affecting millions of men worldwide, is characterized by low testosterone levels, which can lead to a range of comorbidities, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, depression, and cardiovascular disease. Recognizing the critical need for innovative solutions to alleviate the burden of this condition, the collaboration between Marius and Smartway marks a significant milestone in expanding access to KYZATREX™.

Smartway Pharmaceuticals, a specialist in the provision of early access, compassionate use, and named patient supply of new therapeutics, is appointed the exclusive Early Access Provider for KYZATREX™ in all countries outside of the USA. Smartway has hubs across the globe including in the UK, EU, Middle East, USA, and India.

Josh Cocklin, Chief Executive of Smartway, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating,

KYZATREX™ is already making a difference to the lives of men across the USA. With this agreement, we will extend access to KYZATREX™ to patients across the world. We believe that there will be significant interest in KYZATREX™ from healthcare specialists globally.

This latest agreement extends the portfolio of Early Access Programs that Smartway is managing and continues their journey as one of the most rapidly expanding EAP providers in the industry, being trusted by large and small biotech companies and manufacturers.

Shalin Shah, CEO of Marius Pharmaceuticals, emphasized the significance of the partnership, stating,

We have seen the difference KYZATREX™ has made to patients' lives in the USA and are excited that this agreement will expand access. Marius is focussed on the US market, so we needed a patient-centric partner with deep expertise. Smartway has the capability to provide access to KYZATREX™ on a global basis while meeting the strict regulatory standards. Smartway matches our desire to help patients and has the expertise combined with a global network to get KYZATREX™ to patients. We view this as a strategic long-term partnership.

As the world grapples with the escalating burden of hypogonadism and its associated comorbidities, the collaboration between Marius Pharmaceuticals and Smartway Pharmaceuticals represents a united effort to bring KYZATREX™ to the forefront of the global battle against this pervasive medical condition. Through this innovative Early Access Program, the partners seek to empower healthcare professionals worldwide with access to KYZATREX. 

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