At Smartway, everything we do is about bringing practitioners and patients the medicines they need, at the right time, and delivered to the highest quality. Now, as the UK undertakes its landmark vaccination programme, we’re going further to take a proactive, hands-on role.

With years of experience in frontline care and operating successful pharmacies, Kirti Patel, our Director, is volunteering her time to administer this important weapon against COVID-19, the vaccination. Her personal commitment to care, responsibility and working closely with communities is something that resonates with our entire team.

“Giving back to the community”

Kirti vaccinates three times a week: twice at a vaccination hub in Tooting and once from a local pharmacy. For her, it’s a way to continue to support the community as we all work towards normality.

“It’s important for me to give back in my own small way. The vaccination programme is crucial in getting us back to normality, but the task is significant. The more people that can be out there helping, the better.”

Kirti Patel, Director at Smartway Pharmaceuticals 

Significantly, Kirti approaches vaccination with the same diligence, enthusiasm and commitment that she brings to Smartway.

Since the UK’s first cases in early 2020, we’ve all had to navigate uncertainty. At times, it was seemingly endless. Now, while two safe, effective vaccines are available in the UK, many people still need reassurance and an extra level of care and encouragement.

“For me, it’s not just being an extra pair of hands to safely administer the vaccine. I’m able to spread the message about the vaccine, reassure people, and help them understand why it’s so important. I think that’s a vital element of helping the programme succeed.”

Kirti Patel, Director at Smartway Pharmaceuticals

Every vaccine is its own story

Kirti also reflects on the personal stories and people she comes into contact with every week. For many, receiving the vaccine is an emotional moment.

“The other day I vaccinated someone who had recently lost her sister to COVID-19. She was overwhelmed and grateful to receive her vaccine – and that’s a story I’ve seen a lot. Many of the people I’ve vaccinated have had Covid and some are still suffering with long covid. They all tell us why vaccination is so important.”

Kirti Patel, Director at Smartway Pharmaceuticals

The vaccination programme is a process that will take time, although continues to make great progress. But from those fighting isolation to people hoping to support their loved ones safely, it reflects a light at the end of this difficult time.