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Global Procurement Network - Comparator, RLD, Supply

Smartway has become known for reliable, consistent supplies of comparators, RLDs and biosimilars.

We have an unrivalled supply network from major pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors across 25 countries.

We develop long term relationships with our suppliers, so we can source products rapidly and at low cost. In the last 5 years alone, we’ve supplied 5 million packs to customers worldwide.

With procurement hubs in India, China, EU, UK and the USA, we constantly maintain our supply network, ensuring suppliers meet the stringent regulatory approvals required for your trial. Our supply network ranges from direct manufacturers to approved authorised distributors in over 25 countries.

We work closely with our customers and advisory board to ensure our offering is always aligned to the needs of the sector. Ultimately, we deliver products that meet the trial’s needs – quickly, accurately and responsibly.

Safeguarding quality with audited, approved suppliers

Smartway only sources from audited and approved suppliers. Irrespective of country or jurisdiction, suppliers are expected to meet our stringent requirements. Our regulatory team includes pharmacists, regulatory lawyers, and trained professionals to audit and approve every supplier. That’s how we ensure the requirements of your trial are met.

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