15 October 2018

Testosterone Implants Trounce Menopause Symptoms

Menstruation is the normal part of a woman’s life. The process associated with the female reproductive system marks the ability of a woman to conceive a baby. But, the stage called menopause ends the capability of a woman to celebrate motherhood. During this period, a woman’s menstrual periods stop and most modern women turn to testosterone implants. These implants are available through licensed suppliers of testosterone implants in UK.

Testosterone for Menopause

A woman reaches this particular phase after failing to experience vaginal bleeding for more than one year. Menopause is considered a natural phase in a woman’s life. It is never counted as a disease or aberration. However, many reasons are behind its early occurrence. Smoking is one among them. Cancer treatments like chemotherapy and operations to remove ovaries are considered as other factors. In other words, when ovaries stop producing hormones like estrogen and progesterone, menopause takes place.

A simple test of blood or urine successfully detects it. The decreased level of hormones in these body fluids also points to menopause. Treatment is not required in usual cases. However, several severe symptoms are brought under control with the help of certain treatment methods. For example, the controlled usage of tobacco and caffeine reduces symptoms like hot flashes. But, sleeplessness, mood-swings, anxiety, decreased sexual urge, fatigue and irritability continue.

In the United Kingdom, the average age for menopause is 51. But, even younger women are affected by the condition. The psychological effect of menopause is huge and this makes it much more than a physical condition. Some women feel depressed about the sudden loss of fertility. Women who had perfect skin in the past find it tough to accept the new situation where they feel the urge to itch or experience constant irritation.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is the most popular and widely used method to ease the discomfort caused by menopausal symptoms. According to recent research, Hormone Replacement Therapy often results in breast cancer in women. But, it has been found that testosterone implants offer a dependable alternative form of treatment. Usually, the treatment results in few side-effects, but those are less severe. Meanwhile, skin conditions of patients show considerable improvement.

In the present scenario, women approach testosterone implants therapist in UK.  They place firm belief in this new form of treatment due to positive results. Testosterone pellets are used here. These pellets are composed of hormones. Such tiny pellets, when placed inside a small cut made in the body, produce great results. A slight pain occurs, but that is nothing serious. A fast reduction in menopausal symptoms happens through this method.  The treatment’s effect lasts for a couple of months. The main beneficiaries of testosterone implants are younger women who had been affected by menopause earlier in life. These women also thank testosterone implants suppliers.

Major benefits of testosterone implants

The practice of using testosterone implants to alleviate menopausal symptoms has found widespread success in Australia, United States and European countries. Testosterone implantation does not affect normal blood pressure, functioning of liver and glucose levels in the body. As a result, testosterone implants suppliers are in great demand today.  These implants have also recorded continuous success in reducing menopausal symptoms like sleeplessness, depression, body aches and vaginal dryness. It plays an important role in fighting hot flashes, maintains bone density and acts a solution for bone loss.

Risk of breast cancer?

The answer is no. Testosterone implants do not cause breast cancer, when compared to other forms of treatments. Many researches and studies have shown decrease in breast cancer cases after using this method.

Testosterone implants in UK

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